How much do you charge for a unique arrangement?

If the piece of music you would like is extremely popular and would be good for our repertoire anyway, we may be able to prepare it for you at no extra charge – but this is at our discretion. If it’s something less popular that is unlikely to be played again, for bookings of 2 hours there is a charge of £75 for an arrangement and for bookings of 3 hours or longer, we charge £75 per arrangement. Normally we limit this offer to one piece per booking as the price we charge for arranging is kept artificially low (as there are many hours of work involved). Also, there are some songs which may not translate well for strings – if your request is in this category, we will advise you of this. Please note, this fee applies to a standard 3 – 4 minute song and anything longer may need to be priced accordingly so please contact us for details.

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