Don’t string quartets usually just play classical music?

We have found a shortage of really good arrangements of modern popular music available for string quartet (and absolutely nothing for string duo!). Often collections consist of 1930s Broadway pieces, and the few pop songs available lack detail and are flat without the rhythmic impetus of the drums. We have discovered that many people nowadays are looking for a variety of different styles of music. As a result, Vaughan is constantly arranging new music and our repertoire is constantly expanding (up to this time he has arranged some 350 pieces of music for string quartet and 250 for string duo!). Our unique library of hand crafted arrangements is only available from Manor House Music and we are able to offer a huge variety of musical styles. We are happy to select a programme of music so there is something for everyone – whether you like folk, jazz, rock, pop, palm court, traditional Jewish wedding music, Irish jigs, rat pack, classical or baroque music we will happily play it for you.

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