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Are you familiar with the venue where my event is being held?

We’d love to list the 400 or so venues we’ve played at over the last 10 years, but we’ll always let you know in our initial e-mail reply whether we have played at your venue before. This can be useful in offering you insights into what worked well (or less well!) and can give you […]

I really don’t want to miss out, can I book you for my wedding in 2021?

Put simply, ‘Yes’! Although you may not know the specifics of your event that far in advance, you can always book us for your date and let us know the finer details (such as timings) later on. It’s worth knowing that if you decide to change your wedding date later on, we may then be […]

What will you wear?

Although quite often we are asked to wear formal dress (dinner jackets and black bow ties for the gentlemen and evening dresses for the ladies), we are happy to dress more casually – it’s entirely up to you. Whenever possible, we will try to fit in with any special colour scheme you prefer. It may […]

How do I make a booking?

The Manor House Music String Quartet and Duo are not available through any entertainment agencies who would charge an additional percentage – the fee pays only for our hard work. To book musicians, we ask for a signed booking form and a deposit of £100, deducted from the total on the day. Once we have […]