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Do you play for educational projects?

Yes, we’re happy to play for schools, colleges, arts groups and other community projects. We have a varied repertoire and are happy to put together a creative programme of pieces (often on a specific theme) which will entertain and capture the interest of any age group.

Do you ever play as a string trio?

Many groups offer a string trio as a serious alternative to a string quartet. This isn’t entirely fair as what they aren’t revealing is that they’re taking the four string quartet parts and simply omitting one. This isn’t done for entirely musical reasons and leaves it lacking that extra part. Our usual format is to […]

Can I book an ‘all female’ or ‘all male’ quartet?

We’re aware that there are all-male and all-female groups out there, but when people ask for this, the simple answer is ‘No’. We are an ‘equal opportunities’ quartet and work with players of both sexes, chosen for the high standard of their playing and professionalism. To us, the most important thing is our sound and […]

Are you happy to play outside?

As we all have antique instruments, we try to ensure these instruments aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, rain or high winds. In some venues, the shade of a tree can provide cover, but bird droppings have a surprisingly corrosive effect on the varnish of stringed instruments, so this is not always ideal! Umbrellas can also […]