Missenden Abbey Wedding Music

Saturday 24th August proved to be a very busy day for the Manor House String Duo with two weddings on the same day – the first was in Roxwell, Essex and ended at around 5pm. The second was between 7.30pm and 9.30pm at a very local venue for us – the beautiful Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire where we were asked to provide some evening Wedding entertainment for a bride who had got married earlier on in the day. I knew her well as she used to come and have violin lessons with me, so it was particularly special to be able to play for her big day!

Missenden Abbey weddings are very convenient for us as the venue is only a few miles away. On this occasion we performed as a string duo consisting of a violin and cello and this was perfect both for the size of the room and the number of guests who had been invited. The duo is excellent value for money as well as offering a huge repertoire of music, specifically arranged for this blend of instruments (violin with viola or violin with cello). We performed two sets of music, starting with classical pieces and ending with some more modern rock and pop covers. In between these two sets, the guests (many of whom were from Nigeria) danced to some lively traditional music played on a CD.  We received many lovely comments from guests, including one lady who found her voice after many years of not singing and sang along with us during several classical pieces!