Cambridgeshire Wedding String Duo

Cambridgeshire Wedding String Duo – A couple of weeks ago, the Manor House String Duo performed as a violin and viola string duo for a wedding held at Kimbolton Castle in Cambridgeshire. The wedding ceremony took place in a courtyard within the castle and this provided us with a challenge as the weather was changeable and it did rain prior to the ceremony itself.¬† With valuable antique instruments, it’s important to keep them sheltered from wet weather as well as very hot sunlight as either can damage the varnish. Fortunately, this shower was short lived and we were soon able to resume playing outdoors where our music was very much enjoyed by guests.

The drinks reception music was held in the very same courtyard and we continued with some contemporary rock and pop music for string duo as well as a selection of classical and lighter pieces. Later on, we went indoors and played as the guests formed a receiving line prior to the wedding breakfast. Here is a video of our string duo in action: