String Duo for Corporate Event at Queens College, Oxford

String Duo for Corporate Event at Queens College, Oxford – On Thursday evening, Manor House Music returned once more to play at The Queen’s College at the University of Oxford. Although we had performed as a string quartet last time, this time the occasion called for a string duo as it was a more intimate dinner of international delegates from a pharmaceutical company. With it’s high ceiling and state-of-the-art acoustic panelling, this is an excellent room to play in and halfway through our two hour set, I visited my car to pick up some music stand lights because the candlelight was not quite enough for us to read music by. As I returned, my colleague on cello was playing a movement from a Bach solo cello Suite and it was an opportunity to hear an instrument from the opposite side of the room and I was pleased to hear that it projected effortlessly, so was reassured that a string duet would have no problem at all!

The guests all enjoyed the music and although there was a slight language barrier with some delgates, we received many ‘thumbs up’ – the international symbol of approval!