Top Quality String Quartet for Weddings and Corporate Events

Running the Manor House String Quartet, a top quality string quartet for weddings and corporate events, requires day-to-day planning. In this age of internet and instant communications, one thing clients are definitely looking for is a fast response to any enquiry or question. When a wedding is being planned (even up to two years ahead), people want to hear back from their service providers within the shortest possible time and feel confident that they can contact them with any queries once they have already booked.

Top Quality String Quartet for Weddings and Corporate Events Sometimes this can mean up to a couple of dozen e-mails whilst details are checked, advice sought and music discussed – and it is very reassuring for people to know they can get hold of their musicians most days, even though their wedding might be several months away. On the odd occasion that we just can’t take calls (such as yesterday, when we were working hard in a recording studio with phones off until 10pm), so time has to be made the following day to prioritise returning messages and emails. As at least three or four hours are spent every day is spent in administration work for the wedding string quartet (such as dealing with communications, paying players, monitoring¬¨‚Ćadvertisements, sorting out programmes of music into folders), it’s quite a large part of the daily life of a string quartet!