A Lovely Testimonial to Receive

18th January 2016

As a postscript to our blog about Sarah and Leo’s wedding at The Dairy at Waddesdon Manor last June, we received a lovely e-mail after the event and here is some of what it said: ‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding!¬† There are so many highlights from […]

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Wedding String Quartet Prices – Shorter Bookings

1st March 2012

Wedding String Quartet Prices: Shorter Bookings – This week, we received¬†a telephone enquiry from a potential client who wanted to hire a string quartet for a wedding. When we spoke further, it emerged that she really only wanted 4 pieces of music playing for the¬†event itself¬†and after this, the quartet would have no further role […]

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The Volume of a String Quartet

11th February 2011

The Volume of a String Quartet – Brides and grooms (as well as corporate clients) often ask us whether the Manor House String Quartet will be loud enough for their event and the answer to this often depends on the size of room and number of guests present. When considering hiring a string quartet, If […]

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Berkshire Corporate String Quartet at the Madjeski Stadium

23rd December 2009

Berkshire Corporate String Quartet at the Madjeski Stadium – December is always a full month for the Manor House String Quartet as people often wish to hire a string quartet to play music at Christmas parties and corporate events. Last week, we had the pleasure of playing for a company who had booked us previously […]

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Top Quality String Quartet for Weddings and Corporate Events

26th October 2009

Running the Manor House String Quartet, a top quality string quartet for weddings and corporate events, requires day-to-day planning. In this age of internet and instant communications, one thing clients are definitely looking for is a fast response to any enquiry or question. When a wedding is being planned (even up to two years ahead), […]

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