Live Wedding Music – Moving Between Venues

By vaughan • 22nd January 2016 • Posted in: Wedding String Quartet Useful Info

Live Wedding Music Moving Between Venues РI recently met up with a lady whose wedding we played at a couple of years ago. She said that she had originally approached another group to play for her special day but they said that they were unable to move between different venues. Many of the weddings that we play for involve playing music as guests arrive into the church, followed by the ceremony itself (often providing the bridal entrance music, signing the register music, the bridal exit music and occasionally the hymns as well!). We then travel onto the venue where we provide music for the reception drinks.

Often the church and venue are only a few miles apart, but on occasions, they have ben as far as 15 miles from one another. This is not a problem at all, as we only ever charge for the actual time when we are providing music (the one exception being during parts of the ceremony¬†where we aren’t playing, but it’s not feasible for us to walk out and take a break!).

When we are initially approached by brides and grooms, we always provide a quotation and this can often be for a certain amount of playing time, spread across a greater period of time to allow for breaks or travelling between venues. So, as an example, we could play for 2 hours but spread this across 3 hours, with either an hour of breaks or travelling time. This makes things very flexible and because the breaks are charged at only £10 an hour per player (so £40 an hour for the full string quartet or £20 an hour for the string duo), this works out as an economical option. Breaks can also be used to cover periods of time when the whole of the bridal party are absorbed in having photos taken, or during speeches when there is no requirement for music anyway! This is all part of the service we provide as a friendly and flexible string quartet for weddings.



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  1. […] We then transferred to the reception area of the hotel, before joining the guests on the back lawn of the venue (playing under the shade of a tree). It’s always good to be flexible as a group and playing in three different locations within the same venue isn’t unusual. We can also play for your church ceremony and drinks reception, even if they’re located miles from each other. You can read all about this in our blog post entitled ‘Wedding String Quartet – Moving Between Venues‘. […]

  2. […] Another factor is how mobile or portable will your wedding musicians be? Many weddings we play at involve moving from one venue to another as well as moving from one location to another within the same venue. The two musicians can generally acheive this with¬† greater ease than the four. For a more detailed look at this question, by all means have a read of the article ‘Wedding String Quartet – Moving Between Venues‘. […]


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