Northamptonshire String Duo for Wedding at Dodford Manor

On a Saturday in mid-November, our string duo returned to Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire to play for a wedding ceremony and reception. Dodford’s Mortain Barn is a refreshing space, beautifully renovated and lit, with a balcony which is perfect for a duo or quartet to play from (allowing the sound to project to all of the guests). As such, the music becomes an essential ingredient, but without in anyway intruding or becoming too much in the foreground. For this particular occasion we performed a variety of pieces before the bride entered (including an eclectic mix of pieces by Bach, Sigur Ros and Take That, chosen by the couple). The entrance piece was Pachelbel’s popular Canon in D, which always works well as it can be tailed off at regular intervals, meaning that the bride is never left waiting at the front whilst the musicians finish playing. For the signing of the register we performed ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow and ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics, with ‘La Bamba’ being the very lively exit music.

Northamptonshire string duo

During the reception drinks, we moved downstairs and joined the guests with a selection of rock, pop, film and light music. We spoke with many of the guests as well as some very enthusiastic children who told us all about their musical activities at school. We were able to congratulate the bridal couple before we departed from the venue as the wedding breakfast was about to begin.