Church Bells for Weddings

Church Bells for Weddings – Very often, when our string quartet are booked to perform at weddings, just as we are leaving the service and heading off to the reception venue, we are lucky enough to enjoy one of the iconic sounds of the English countryside – the music of Church Bells Ringing.

However, there are plenty of people who are unable to have real Church bells rung at their wedding – people who get married in registry offices, hotels, venues and Churches where the bells have fallen into disrepair. So in the absence of a convenient tower of bells, perhaps the next best thing is this new album called ‘Wedding Bells’ by a group called Church Bell Recordings.

Downloadable from itunes, amazon mp3 or CDbaby, this is a collection of recordings of Church bells ringing for weddings and the superb recording quality combined with the authentic sound of ringing (which was recorded at small country Churches) makes it a very nice touch to finish off a wedding service (after the string quartet have stopped playing of course!). ¬†All profits from the sale of downloads go towards Church Bell Restoration projects, so it’s a way of supporting a good cause whilst adding a nice touch to the end of a wedding ceremony – perfect!