Manor House String Quartet Filming on ‘Holby City’

Manor House String Quartet Filming on ‘Holby City’ – Last week,¬†our string quartet¬†took part¬†in 2 days of fiming for an episode of the medical drama ‘Holby City’ to be shown on Tuesday 7th January 2014. The filming¬† took place in the wonderful location of Hedsor House, near Taplow in Buckinghamshire (a venue we’ve played at for weddings on a number of occasions).

The string quartet were involved for filming on both 6-hour days (although in reality, this wasn’t continuous) in the central hall at Hedsor. The skylight in the domed ceiling had been blacked out to stop any daylight from entering the room, so as to give the impression of an evening event. The string quartet were placed on a raised platform and mimed to a piece of music which we had recorded earlier on the first day. In order not to disturb the actors, the bow I used had been greased (with no rosin applied) so that when I bowed, no sound came out of the violin! Filming involved a fair amount of repetition, as cameras¬†caught the same passage of dialogue from different angles, but everything seemed to go smoothly¬†and on schedule.

The whole experience was most enjoyable, with a particularly excellent canteen on hand, serving all day!