Gloucestershire Wedding String Quartet

Gloucestershire Wedding String Quartet – Last Friday, the Manor House String Quartet returned to play once again in the idyllic rural setting of Cripps Barn, near Bibury in Gloucestershire. We were scheduled to play for just 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the bride, but an unexpected delay of 40 minutes meant that our music provided a much needed point of interest as the guests waited in anticipation. In circumstances like this, having a top quality string quartet playing beautiful music can save guests from a restless and agitated wait. As From our previous experiences, we have found that classical works have always provided the best atmosphere for the pre ceremony music, so often we will bring with us many more pieces than required for exactly this scenario.

After the ceremony was finished there was only around half an hour or so of music to be played during the drinks reception. Sadly, we couldn’t join the bridal couple and wedding guests outside as it was just too windy and posed a risk of our stringed instruments being physically blown out of our hands. Instead, we entertained the guests who remained in the barn with a lively selection of modern rock and pop music for string quartet.