Projecting outwards…..

18th January 2012

by Vaughan Jones violin teacher I had a wonderful violin lesson on Monday with Kato Havas where everything I‚Äôd learned seemed to come together. The ‚Äògiving‚Äô left hand she speaks of, with the performer thinking in terms of three intervals with the fingers ‚Äògliding‚Äô into the notes, one finger preparing for the next in perpetuity; […]

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Playing Perfect Fifths on the Violin

10th July 2010

by Vaughan Jones violin teacher Playing Perfect Fifths on the Violin – Yesterday, I was asked to play the ‘Lark Ascending’ for violin and piano during a wedding ceremony, which appropriately enough, took place in Charterhouse School Chapel, where Ralph Vaughan Williams had been a pupil. It was a beautiful occasion and whilst we played […]

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Adjudicating a string prize….

17th May 2010

by Vaughan Jones violin teacher – Yesterday, I did something that was completely new to me – I was asked to adjudicate a string competition at Charterhouse School, where I was a student in the late 1980s. I remember vividly entering this same competition myself as a teenager and playing the ‘Praeludium’ from Bach’s E […]

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Deputising for Violin Teaching….

4th April 2010

Deputising for Violin Teaching – It’s always been the case that a lot of professional musicians regularly teach, work as session musicians as well as perform in string quartets and orchestras – either privately or at schools or music colleges. Due to the sometimes erratic nature of work, it’s not always 100% possible for full […]

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The Power of Words When Teaching the Violin

6th March 2010

by Vaughan Jones violin teacher – Over the last few years, in my own journey¬†of learning the violin and the viola, I have been very privileged to take lessons with a wonderful teacher – the Hungarian violinist, Kato Havas. One aspect of her ‘New Approach to violin playing’ which has given me much to think […]

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