Telling a Story. . .

7th April 2012

I was driving home the other week whilst listening to BBC Radio 3’s excellent ‘Spirit of Schubert’ celebration (where they played nothing but Franz Schubert‘s music over 8 whole days of broadcasting). The whole event covered every detail of this great composer’s life and world (even including little vignettes about the type of coffee he may […]

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Projecting outwards…..

18th January 2012

I had a wonderful violin lesson on Monday with Kato Havas where everything I’d learned seemed to come together. The ‘giving’ left hand she speaks of, with the performer thinking in terms of three intervals with the fingers ‘gliding’ into the notes, one finger preparing for the next in perpetuity; and the right arm with […]

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The Power of Words When Teaching a Stringed Instrument

6th March 2010

Over the last few years, in my own journey of learning the violin and the viola, I have been very privileged to take lessons with a wonderful teacher – the Hungarian violinist, Kato Havas. One aspect of her ‘New Approach to violin playing’ which has given me much to think about (especially with regard to the way […]

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Beethoven Romance in F for Violin and Orchestra

29th October 2009

On Sunday the 4th October I played Beethoven’s Romance no. 2 in F major op. 50, writes violinist Vaughan Jones. Traditionally thought of as being written in 1802 or 1803 (when the composer was in his early thirties), there is evidence to suggest that it may have started life in an earlier form as part […]

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