String Quartet for Bedfordshire Concert in Eaton Bray

By vaughan • 16th June 2010 • Posted in: Manor House Music Concerts and recitals

The Bedfordshire based Manor House String Quartet received some nice feedback yesterday. Speaking to someone who had attended our concert in Eaton Bray on Saturday the 5th of June, he made the observation that after talking to lots of members of the congregation since the concert, several people commented that they had turned up out of ‘duty’ to the string quartet recital as it was a Church fundraiser – but as they were not regular classical concert goers, had held no expectations of enjoying the evening! This would normally be a demoralising thing to hear, but apparently the common feeling was that, contrary to their fears, it had been a fun and lighthearted evening with a real ‘buzz’ – totally different to what many people had imagined.

I think this sometimes stems from people having had a bad experience with classical recitals – perhaps the group walk in very seriously, sit down with little communication with the audience and embark on a 45 minute long piece of heavy chamber music where the audience are physically rooted to their seats for fears of making a noise and interrupting the silence. In our concerts, we usually keep the pieces quite short and very varied so there is plenty of time to shuffle about, cough, move or laugh between pieces which we always announce in an informal (and sometimes quite humorous) way.

Our next concert in Haddenham on the 16th July will be similar – light, popular and above all fun to attend, so we’re hoping to pleasantly surprise the audience in that village as well.



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